Common Roof Problems:

#2 - Cedar Shakes/Shingles - Splitting and Breaking

Roof Valley Debris

Cedar shakes and shingles will tend to dry out and then cup or split. Once a cedar shake splits (typically in line with a nail hole), portions of the split shake or shingle may no longer be held in place adequately, and can be easily blown away.

It is not uncommon for sections of a roof to show signs of aging faster than other roof sections of the same house, depending on which part is exposed to the sun and wind the most.

During a roof repair estimate, Baaron will evaluate the condition of your entire roof, and give you his professional opinion on the advantages of repairing the problem areas or if it would be better to replace the entire roof. Saving residents money repairing roofs is our specialty, but all roofs will reach a point when replacement makes the most economic sense.

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