Common Roof Problems:

#1 - Roof Valley Debris Blocking Water Flow

Roof Valley Debris

During a rain or melting snow event, the roof valley is subject to higher concentrations of water simply because the valley area is like a huge funnel. A properly functioning roof valley is designed to allow water to freely flow underneath the roof valley tiles, and down a special metal trough. It is only when a buildup of dirt and leaves block this water passage that water is then forced to flow sideways across your roof, while still under the roof tiles, eventually seeping into the roof underlayment. Once this happens, degradation of the sheathing, and leaks into the house are just "around the next corner".

But, these leaks and water damage can be prevented by simply performing maintenance on the roof valley area before conditions reach this critical point. See our page on Roof Valley Maintenance for more details.

BK Roofing offers Roof Valley Cleaning and Maintenance, which completely eliminates any blockage in the roof valley trough, replaces the valley metal (if required), and returns your roof to as-new or better functioning condition.

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