Case Study - Cement Tile Roof Repair

Most of the damage on this cement tile roof likely occurred when a solar water heating system was being installed, but the same type of damage can result from any foot traffic on your cement tile roof. Additionally, an area with a number of incorrectly trimmed tiles may have been faulty from the day the roof was first installed.

The solar system installers damaged numerous cement tiles while installing their product. The damaged tiles were identified during a careful roof inspection by BK Roofing. The underlying water barrier (felt) was not compromised however, so this repair consisted mostly of identifying the cracked and broken tiles, and replacing them with new tiles.

This is a Case Study of a roof repair performed by Baaron Keith Roofing. For more information or to request an inspection or estimate, please use this convenient form.

cement roof tiles can crack under foot traffic
Careless foot traffic on this cement tile roof damaged numerous tiles which all need to be replaced before the sun and weather damage the underlying roof materials.
improperly installed roof tiles BK Roofing also found several cement roof tiles that were installed improperly, presumably by the original roofing contractor.
tiles should cover nails on lower row These tiles were cut too short, leaving the lower tile's nail holes exposed to the weather, resulting in a potential water entry point.
damaged tiles are identified and removed All of the damaged tiles are carefully removed, and replaced with new tiles.
replacement tiles are installed The completed repair.
the completed cement tile roof repair This homeowner can rest assured knowing that his roof will now provide protection from the elements the way it was originally intended to, and for many years to come.