Roof Repair is Our Specialty

Welcome to Baaron Keith Roofing, where we specialize in repairing otherwise functional roofs to save homeowners thousands of dollars compared to the cost of replacement.  It's no secret that roofing companies can make much more money replacing your whole roof than simply fixing the damaged areas.  But here at Baaron Keith Roofing, for more than 17 years we have been saving homeowners big money when we repair an otherwise sound roof for a fraction of what a replacement would cost. See our Common Roof Problems pages for descriptions of roof disorders that are common in Northern California. Baaron Keith Roofing is a licensed Roofing Contractor in the State of California.  Under the About Us tab, you can read more about our Background and Areas Serviced.  Our customers praise our dependability and the thoroughness of our repairs, which is illustrated in our Case Studies section. We have extensive experience on all types of roof repairs and you can trust us to provide an honest evaluation of the condition of your roof.  Use our easy online form to Request a Roof Inspection or Roof Repair Estimate.

Compare price quotes and proceed with the confidence of knowing Baaron has been in the roofing business for more than 24 years, and provides the highest quality roof repairs at fair and honest prices.  When you request a roof repair estimate, Baaron will take photos of the problem areas on your roof and provide a detailed explanation of all roof repair work to be performed.  BK Roofing is a California licensed contractor and roof repairs are guaranteed.

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Fix known problems promptly. Repairing damaged and loose shingles or tiles before leaks are detected can ultimately save you serious money. Damaged roof tiles or shingles over time, will eventually expose the underlying water barrier (felt). Once the felt is exposed to the sun, it won't take much longer for this area to "burn" out, and in a relatively short time, you can have water leaking into interior structures. As with many things in life, having a known problem corrected promptly can prevent it from turning into a bigger, more expensive problem later, and this surely applies to the roof on your house.
Keep your roof and gutters clear of debris. Many roof problems start when leaves, pine needles, and other debris accumulates in the valleys and lower areas of your roof. This leads to excess moisture and in some cases, rain water is prevented from flowing off efficiently, and can even get under the shingles and deteriorate the wood sheathing.
Tread lightly. Some roof types are quite susceptible to damage by simply walking on the roof in the wrong way, or with a "heavy foot". Contractors installing satellite dishes or solar collectors can unknowingly cause roof damage while installing their equipment. Cement tile roofs and cedar shakes are prone to this type of damage. The result can be cracked and loosened tiles or shakes which can now shift out of position over time.
Quality and Workmanship Counts. Whenever work is planned for your roof, make sure that your contractor is using high quality materials and methods, and most of all, select a contractor that has a reputation for high quality workmanship. Too many times, workers have been known to cut corners in an effort to save themselves time or money, which ends up costing the homeowners much more when the roof fails prematurely.